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So basically UGEE is one of the modes of getting admission at IIIT-H. It has a good number of seats to offer to students interested for 5 year programmes namely :- CSD,CLD,CND,CHD,ECD . UGEE paper consists of two papers held on the same day and that too back to back without any kind of break in between.  

1. The two papers are called SUPR and REAP (both were multiple choice this year with only a single correct response) SUPR checks your basic knowledge in the subjects you study in your 11th and 12th grade namely pcm while the REAP is designed to check your underlying potential for research so it has better quality questions and also checks your logical and linguistic capabilities with questions of grammar and reasoning ( though these were few in number especially in 2019 exam )   Discussion of 2019 ‘s REAP :- this year’s paper was somewhat more challenging as it involved concepts that normally a typical student doesn’t know . Though due to ample time duration one can think of the correct way of dealing with the new problems but still certain questions were so unique that they would really set you apart from the rest of the crowd giving the exam ( like the phase diagram question and the computing pi problem :- for these one can watch 3b1b amazing content on YouTube )  

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Discussion of 2019’s SUPR:- the paper was not at all challenging it was a test of speed and accuracy. Highly scoring and full of typical questions which were designed just to warm up your brain and not challenge it in any way. The problems in this paper were typical Jee pattern and easy to solve ( there were no complex formulae and no complex computation involved so even the student not so good with calculations can score very high).  

Things to do for interview preparation :- all you have to do is nothing at all ! Just be calm listen to the questions asked and answer them with a cool temprament. The panel is extremely generous and would encourage you to arrive at the right answer by giving you hints. They might ask genric questions like why you applied for UGEE? What was your JEE mains rank ? Did your JEE ADVANCED go well ? Why do you want to opt for 5 year programme even if you would get a 4 yr programme in the same college / different college? What motivated you to study and pursue research? etc. See what a cakewalk it would be after this they will discuss some topics that you are interested in and ask some questions for this one must have conceptual clarity and a firm belief and confidence in oneself as the professor may try to mislead you.   Merits of this mode : it offers you a chance to get in the elite college even after screwing Jee mains and also enriches you and gives an experience of the interview method which benefits you   Demerits of this mode : mostly conducted before Jee advanced so if the paper is tough you get disheartened . This mode is a new one so not many students know about it so you are not facing a challenging crowd. This process has many but still limited number of seats. UGEE exam marks don’t get you a seat you will be offered a seat only if you clear the interview round and all your marks are rendered useless.           

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