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How is life at IIT roorkee?

Life at an IIT is always great, but at IIT Roorkee, it’s a special blend of a modern life and traditional values. History, it is said, is a great teacher, and given our glorious and long heritage of over 150 years.

The campus pours calm evenings where one is sure to find a guitarist strumming his strings along with the college canteen bustling with engrossed couples despite terribly scarce female population. Speaking of associations, every freshman finds welcoming relations from his seniors.


AVENIR is an annual event, where IITR aim for the students to thoroughly understand the global market and the challenges it presents. IITR also look forward to bring out the significance of the full understanding of the global business landscape and the localization needs of the markets in renewing and strengthening great businesses through good times and bad.

CONFLUENCIA is the flagship event of the Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee. Initiated in 2008, it served as a knowledge-sharing platform for the head of various organizations to impart their insights to the budding managers of the country.

COGNIZANCE is a vibrant technical festival was initiated in 2003, with an aim of providing opportunities to the student community to exercise its academic acumen and ingenuity and become a hub for groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

Exuberance is Annual Sports Festival of DoMS IIT Roorkee. The event gives a chance to both first and second-year students to show off their skills and prowess in different kinds of sports like Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cycling, Carrom, Snooker, Table Tennis, Volleyball.

THOMSO is a cultural festival held annually at IIT Roorkee. It is not only the largest youth festival of Uttarakhand but also one of the largest youth festivals of India. It has about 5000-6000 college students from all over India in attendance apart from around 5000 students of IIT Roorkee itself.


The competitive academic environment and co-curricular activities on campus keep the students on their toes. But everyone needs some time off, to relax and recharge . Clubs at IIT-R are the best place for this.

  • Hobbies Club
  • Photography
  • Electronics
  • Fine Arts
  • Gardening
  • Model Section
  • Philately
  • Star Gazing
  • Software Development Section
  • U.G. Club
  • PG Club
  • Alaknanda Club

Jawahar club house the indoor sports facilities including seven Billiards & Snooker Tables, Carrom boards, Chess boards, Table Tennis facilities and a Foosball table.

The hobbies club also has sections devoted to pursuits like star-gazing, philately and numismatics, and robotics. The clubs also have reading rooms with a plethora of newspapers and light magazines. Each of the clubs have a TV room with a seating capacity of a hundred-odd people providing a great atmosphere for watching the winning sixer or the not-so-interesting soap operas.



Physical recreation through games and sports has been an important part of the Institute since its inception. Games like football, cricket and hockey were introduced around 1870 followed closely by squash and boating. Today, the Institute has some of the best facilities in a number of games and sports and awards proficiency in 14 games.

Groups and Committees

The ubiquitous student groups are what set IIT Roorkee apart from the other techincal institutes in India, Here do the like-minded gather to work together toward a certain goal- be it getting out a magazine on time, or putting together a one-hour concert, or making a trip to a nearby village for social work. From togetherness comes success and this feature of life here, certainly adds spice to the lives of the students.