Ajio [CPS] IN

Life in IIT Madras is brilliantly awesome and one can never forget the experience who has lived there. The campus is huge and full of nature and wildlife. Rains add to its beauty. Students and some professors use bicycle to reach the classes and back to their homes. It is really enjoying bicycling under the sun and canopies of tall trees in the campus.

Then there are classes, professors are highly qualified, you cannot grasp all the topics. Haha! Study is done through ppts and on boards.

There are 3 messes in total. Mess food is manageable but it becomes boring when we eat daily in the same mess. There is an option of changing the messes every month and there is also choice between the north menu and the south menu. Food court option is also available. Apart from messes, there are several other outlets where you can fill your tummies.


Talking about other activities, there is a wide scope of everything here. Talks by eminent personalities, seminars, lectures, workshops etc. take place frequently in the institute. Students in great numbers participate in every competition. It also hosts South Asia’s largest cultural festival ‘Saarang’ which is a 5 day long fest that is held in the month of January every year. Students can be seen building some great projects in innovation center.

There are 22 hostels in total. Inter-hostel competitions take place too. Entry of girls is allowed in the boys’ hostel but not the vice-versa.

Nightlife is enjoyable and anyone can roam around the campus freely.

Some of the amazing pics of the insti for supporting my answer are-

  1. Morning (8.00 o’clock):

2)Road to departments:

3) A deer grazing in the campus:

4) Lush green environment:

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5) Beautiful nature:

6) New Academic Complex:



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9)Center point Gajendra Circle:

10) Gajendra Circle at Night:

11)Central Library:

12)Mess food:

13) IITM Research Park:

14) Saarang:

Before coming here, ALL you need to pack is your clothes and some bed sheets. Rest other things you will get in the campus’ prime mart and shopping complex itself.