How to reach IIT Guwahati

IIT Guwahati

From Guwahati Airport: Good news for freshers is, you will find 2nd year students sitting at a desk at the gate to guide your way. Low budget ( and my favourite route) : Come out. Walk straight about 300 meters. U reach VIP Chowk. From here u can catch the trekkers ( those red looking – gypsy kind of – public transport) which run till Jalukbari . It costs u 20/-. At Jalukbari find the big – black- auto rickshaws. You will have to ask around a bit before you find one going towards IIT. He will drop you at the rear gate of IIT – KV gate. Costed you 10/-. It’s very near to the boys’ hostels. If you are a girl/ guest, once inside, hire an electric auto who will drop u at your hostel / guest room. Costed you 10/-. Total : 40 /-. 🌼 High budget : Come out . Book a cab directly upto IIT. During day u can easily book one. At night, cabs are rare here after 10 pm.   From Guwahati railway station GHY: Very easy. IITG buses “ green valley” frequently run from a stand point ( very near to Guwahati railway station ) to the campus ( at the opposite bank of Brahmaputra) and it’s 100 % free for IITG students, freshers & guests. Again here too, you will find 2nd year students sitting on a desk at the main gate and will guide you to the stand point of green valley. Take a seat. Reach the campus . Takes about an hour. Show the security guy a proof that u r an IITGian. Have rest. First green valley leaves at 8 am from GHY. Last one leaves at about 9 pm.🌼 From Kamakhya Railway Station : Here you have to walk a bit to catch green valley bus. Walk out of the main gate. Walk parallel to the track on right. A ‘T’ point comes. Take left , walk and reach the main road. Wait for a green valley , wave hand to stop it saying u r from IITG. Board & reach the campus within 30 minutes. You can always book a cab directly upto IITG. That’s always an option. ________________ Here is how our green valley buses look : ( for people coming by train)

Personal advice: ( for people coming by train) Try catching a train that reaches Guwahati by 2 pm ( coz train gets late here by 5 hrs often) so that u can catch a green valley bus . Last bus leaves Guwahati at 9 pm. I have never paid to cabvalas.