Life teaches us Unexpected Lessons

We as humans, go through a lot in our entire lifetime. We meet hundreds of people everyday. Every person we meet takes various forms. Some turn out to be good friends, some close or may be best friends, some turn out to be acquaintances and some remain strangers. Every person plays some role in your life. Some come in your life with a good purpose, some with a bad one. Whatever happens with us, it’s nothing but a reflection of our deeds. This is what Karma is, isn’t it? Our life keeps teaching lessons, it makes us realize where we went wrong. Sometimes you all must have noticed that despite being good to all, something bad happens with you. This is nothing but just a lesson for you (an unexpected lesson) which teaches us not everyone deserves your niceness.

We face so many things in our life : rejections, failures, comparisons, inferiority complex and what not. But try to take each of these positively. Because all this will ultimately take you to a place better than what you expected. When we fail or get rejected, we get sad, we lose confidence because we feel that we came a step back. Have you ever observed a tiger or any other furious animal? In order to take 4 steps ahead, they take one step back. For a simpler understanding, let’s take example of a toy car, we stretch it backwards so that it gain enough acceleration when we release it. That’s what our life is. We need to learn from every small event/incident that happens. Our life tries to teach us lessons in almost every and any way. It is we who need to understand this. When you want to take a long jump, or when you want to excel farther, you need to take a step back in order to gain all the required strength. Stepping back is never a failure, it’s always a preparation for your next move.

Now when it comes to people, some betray us, some leave us despite of being good to them. We will definitely feel bad about it, but here, it’s a lesson for both. The one who left will regret for what he lost and a lesson for you too, for now onwards, do not trust anyone blindly and choose people wisely. Not everyone you trust will turn out to be the one you expected. So what’s the conclusion? No matter what happens, just take everything in a positive manner because our life is always in a teaching mode which teaches us ‘n’ number of unexpected but necessary lessons.

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