Paramedical Courses

Paramedical courses is the another route into medical services occupation. Those who have completed these courses can find jobs in government and private hospitals, government departments and organisations that are engaged in health related activities. They also can start their own practice.
As of now, the paramedical technicians are enjoying good demand in job market. In our state, about 250 government and private institutes are offering paramedical courses and here are the details:
B.Sc. in Medical Lab Technology

This programme is being offered by Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences.

Career Opportunities:Students of medical lab technology have many a career opportunities. They can join in hospitals, diagnostic centres, research organisations as Medical Lab Technicians to conduct different pathological tests for diagnostic purpose, which is a key process in medical treatment.
The colleges offering B.Sc. in MLT: Kamineni Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Mamata Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Khammam, are offing B.Sc. in MLT.
The Indira Gandhi National Open University (GNOU) is also offering B.Sc. in MLT.
Diploma in Audiometry Technician
Audiometry Technicians help the ENT specialists by conducting hearing acuity and deafness related tests. They also play an important role in deciding the need for ear surgeries. Presently, 16 colleges in Andhra Pradesh are offering this two-year course.
Diploma in Radiotherapy Technician
Radiotherapy Technician takes part in oncology treatment for cancer patients. They help the oncologists in determining the stage of the cancer, need for radiation and the radiation levels that are to be applied on patient, among other things. This two-year course is being offered by 4 colleges in the state.
Diploma in Dialysis Technician
Dialysis Technicians play a vital role in outpatient dialysis divisions. These technicians take care of the instruments of dialysis process. Seven colleges in the state are offering this two-year course.
Diploma in Perfusion Technician
Perfusion Technician plays key role in heart surgeries. They assist the cardiologists during the open-heart surgeries and select the instruments used in the surgeries such as heart-lung machine. Post operation, they assist the patients. Need for these experts is growing due to increasing heart problems. This two-year course is being offered by 8 colleges in the state.
Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician
These technicians assist radiologists in conducting tests such as MRI, X-ray, CT scan and Ultrasound. This two-year course is being offered by 25 colleges in the state.
Diploma in Respiratory Therapy Technician
Respiratory therapy technicians assist doctors in determining the lung diseases and conducting Bronchoscopy tests. This two-year course is being offered in 7 colleges.
Multipurpose Health Worker
Multipurpose Health Workers play an important role in implementation of state and central governments’ health schemes in rural areas. This two-year course is being offered in 209 colleges and the eligibility is Class X.
Certificate in Blood Bank Technician
Blood Bank Technicians take care of the management of blood banks. They store the blood at right temperatures and maintain records…etc. This one-year course is being offered in 24 colleges and the eligibility is Intermediate with any science group.
Certificate in Anesthesia Technician
Anesthesia Technicians assist the doctors in giving anesthesia to patients during the surgeries. Though their role that of assistance, they play very important role in the process. This is one-year course is being offered by 17 colleges in the state.
Diploma in Medical Sterilization Management and Operation Theatre Technician
Operation Theatre Technicians take care of management of implements and instruments, which are used in operation theatre. They also send regular reports about functional status of the theatre equipment. This is a two-year course the eligibility is Intermediate.
Certificate in Cath Lab Technician
In this one-year course, student would be trained in operations, equipments and tests of cath lab. Eligibility for this one-year course is pass in Intermediate with science groups.
Certificate in Radiographic Assistant
In this course, student would be trained in lab management, film development and assisting in Imaging Technicians and Radiologists. Eligibility for this course is pass in Intermediate with science groups.
Certificate in Emergency Paramedical Technologist
Emergency Paramedical Technologists rescue the victims of accidents in the most crucial hour of their life, which is known as golden hour. They provide required cardiac support, respiratory, rehydration and other emergency supports. This is one-year course.
Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech Therapy
Speech Therapists assist the children who have auditory problems by birth. They improve their speaking and hearing capacities with the help of language techniques. This is a two-year course.
Diploma in Darkroom Assistant
Darkroom Assistants develop X-ray films and manages the X-ray labs and this is one-year course.
Diploma in X-ray Technology
The Andhra Pradesh Paramedical Board and a few other institutes are offering this one-year course. Pass of Intermediate with science group in their first attempt is the basic eligibility. Students will be selected for this course based on their performance in the entrance exam conducted by the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences every year. Entrance exam notification will be issued in the first week of August and admission process will start in the first week of September.
Of late, the cardiac cases are on rise. This has created demands for paramedical staff such as Perfusion Technician and Cardiology Technician. Corporate hospitals and reputed medical institutes are recruiting these technicians. Likewise, the rising number of cancer case have created demand for radiotherapy technicians, who play a key in determining the stage of cancer, providing them radiology treatment and other allied roles in cancer treatment. The expansion of ENT services audiometry technicians and hearing language and speech therapy technicians.
Those who have completed Emergency Paramedical Technologist course serve in ambulances and other emergency services. The hospitals across the state which have ambulance services and the 108 Service are recruiting these technologists. Indeed, this sector needs technicians to work in three shifts and they are not available in sufficient numbers. Hence, there is a definite chance of employment.
Telemedicine is the latest advancement in medical field. Government and NGOs are encouraging to establish telemedicine facilities and this development is driving the demand for telemedicine technologists.
Ultrasonography centres are being established even in small towns these days. And those who have done course on ultrasonography are benefitting from these developments.
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