Difference between CSE and IT

Computer Science Engineering Information Technology
  • It refers to the field of computation.
  • Computer Science is the mixture and application of Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and “Complexity Theory/Algorithms
  • Computer Science is the study of computation and computer technology, hardware, and software.
  • Core Areas: Algorithms and Data Structure, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Database and Information Retrieval, Human-Computer Communication, Numerical and Symbolic Computation, Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Software Methodology and Engineering
  • Computer science engineering refers to the processes used to create usable computer programs and applications together with all theory behind those processes.
  • The computer science is both the low-level stuff in computer engineering as well as high level programming that integrates with the chips and circuitry to give solutions.
  • It refers to management of computers.
  • It is the mixture and application of “Programming”, “Hardware Administration”, “Software Administration” and “Networking”
  • Information Technology is the development, installation, and implementation of computer systems and applications.
  • Core Areas: Data Structures and Algorithms, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Computer Communication and Networking, Database Systems, Internet Technologies and Applications, Software Engineering etc
  • Information technology refers to the application of computer programs to solve business processes.
  • Information technology is at high level, in computing terms and integrates computer science into the business world for automated solutions.
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