What is the correct time to start preparation? for NEET Exam by Sri Harsha Koduru 2018 neet 18th ranker

According to me 2 years of preparation is more than enough for preparing for NEET. By 2 years I mean a very dedicated and sincere effort to study for the exam.

What are they key essential things that are required for cracking this exam?
I would say these are the key things which would help you:
  • A strong determination. Yes! you need a clear mind and strong determination. You may get frustrated on reading the same thing again and again in 2 years of time. This is how it happens pal! I have almost revised every chapter almost 4-5 times over and over again. If I am weak at that particular chapter this count was even more.
  • Good study strategy.Yes! Let me put it this way, Everybody has the same 24 hours/day and 2 years before they give NEET. Almost all people who has strong determination reads throughout the day. They work hard just like you do. What sets you both apart is a good study strategy. A good study strategy is something which is not a universally accepted proven strategy which is same for everybody. It evolves with time and your brain/mind. Its personalised and unique for yourself. A good study strategy helps you to maximize productive work in the same period of time which is available for everybody. I have written a post on the study techniques I have used during my preparation. Go through this article after reading this entire post.
  • A good material. You need a good and trusted material to rely upon. Most of the times it is NCERT. You might have listened many times that NCERTis your Bible, Gita etc. *sighs* NCERT the first book of choice for Biology and Chemistry. Coming to physics( I will discuss about this later on in this post). Most of you guys must have joined coaching centres and they are sure to give you a set of coaching material or module. This can act as addon and help you out guys. In my case I used Srichaitanya and Allen modules. Sri Chaitanya has very good physics and Zoology materials whereas Allen has very good Botany and Chemistry materials. I used best of the both worlds here. Speaking about that other books for theory part, I used to read MTG magazines. They are monthly magazines and are great! You can check them out too. They are available at most of the book shops. In most of the cases these are my theory knowledge sources!
  • MCQs . Entire NEET question paper is only MCQ based. These are cute little questions that are going to test our knowledge objectively and straight to the point.
One simple strategy which I used is I limited my theory sources to NCERT, modules a and magaazines and widened my exposure to MCQs from various sources
I have solved MCQs from so many sources that I lost track of the number of bits I solved. One important thing to note is that solve NEET like MCQs don’t go fussy over all sorts of MCQS.
  • Good teachers. You need a good learning platform to learn. You need someone to solve and clarify your doubts. You need some one to explain all the stuff to you. For this you can either join a good coaching centre or use some online course. But speaking frankly I think that you need to join a good coaching centre to survive in this competition. Some online platforms are good but they are not yet ready to replace a coaching centre.
  • Lots of practice tests. Yes as per research it is pretty much clear that you need to test yourself regularly to quantify your preparation and plan the rest of it accordingly. By these tests you will also know where you stand in this competition. You start to working on your basics and concepts for NEET. What I did was to give practice test once every week in the initial days and then changed my strategy a bit. I used to give one test on saturday on all those stuff which I studied during that week and I used to revise previous topics (2-3 weeks back topics) and give a cumulative test on monday. This was a great way indeed.
  • Emotional and psychological aspects. You need confidence to go past this. You need to start dreaming for your future med school and you need to start working. Bhagavad Gita says man manifests out what he strongly believes. (women too 🙂 APJ sir said Dreams are not those which come in your sleep, they are those which don’t let you sleep. You need to dream fantasize about becoming a doctor and studying in your favourite med school. You need to have an open and positive mind set. Never hesitate to help others in understanding concepts. Don’t feel disheartened. Stay strong
Bonus tip: Many a times during my preparation I felt disheartened. I felt things aren’t going my way. Then my mom advised me to do meditation and started doing that few minutes almost everyday in the morning. This greatly helps. Trust me and it has nothing to do with religion. Everybody can do this

  • Sleep. This is a mysterious little angel. It is the cure for most of the preparation headaches, mood outs, boredom, anxiety, tension, stress. Its a panacea of all preparation related psychological and emotional states. I used to sleep regularly for 7 hours. All of my friends who scored good ranks even used to sleep. Its a common myth that you need to burn midnight oil to enter a med school in India. No this is not the case. Take my advice. Sleep peacefully for 7 hours a day depending on your need
  • Food. Food is our fuel. What our body does is, after we take food it is digested and assimilated and converted to human flesh and incorporated. All the proteins that make up pulses or meat we eat are later converted into proteins of human flesh. So there is lot of hustle and tussle going on in our GIT. Avoid spicy foods as they add on to the stress and anxiety. Take more and more fresh fruits and prefer home made food over junk and fast foods. There are some super foods like walnuts,fish, apricots etc which are proven to improve memory. Who knows they might be your advantage. *wink*
  • Water. Drink water appropriately. It is the elixir of life. Memory, hydration, stress free etc, it sure does lot of things. Don’t be left out.


This was my timeline of my NEET Journey:
  • 2 years before NEET: I started my preparation when I joined Sri Chaitanya
  • Completed studying once the syllabus of 11th standard in 8 months
  • Studied few 12 th standard topics for next 2-3 months
  • Gave 11 th standard exam (boards AP syllabus)
  • 1 year before NEET: Entered 12th standard. Continued studying 12th class syllabus
  • Completed studying 12th once in next 6 months
  • 6 months before NEET: started revising for NEET. Took each chapter from 11th and re read giving a lot of tests. Frequency of tests increased
  • 3 months before NEET: Started writing Grand tests with whole of 11th and 12th syllabus. Frequency of tests further increased- 1 test for every three days.
  • 1 month before NEET: Started reading that short notes I have written. Began glancing at all the errors I have committed in grand tests and started to re read those topics.
  • 1 week before NEET: Maintained good health and sleep. Avoided all sorts of distractions. Tried to stay calm and focused
  • 1 day before NEET: Visited my favourite Hanuman temple and slept early. Almost didn’t read anything that day.

How is NEET NTA 2020 gonna be?

  1. NEET 2020 is gonna be a slightly different from NEET 2019 because its gonna be a common exam for AIIMS and JIPMER too.
  2. This is going to alter the entire post result dynamics like the closing ranks for a particular college and stuff.
  3. Another important thing is to see how NTA is going to match up to the standards of AIIMS and JIPMER. Are they going to increase the standard of questions? We can’t predict much at this point of time.
  4. This is where I want to talk about physics NCERT. They are absolutely brilliant books. It’s fun reading them. According to me, they are the most standard books by NCERT. Points to ponder at the end of chapter are of next level. What I did was to read NCERT and markup Assertion and reasons for AIIMS exam. Since AIIMS exam is no more a reality, I don’t know what importance do physics NCERT books hold!
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