10 Steps to Ace a Science Test

Are you worried about your science marks? Do you want to perform better in that science test and impress your crush with the score card? Do you want to improve your science marks and make the path clear for pursuing a career in science? Then go ahead and read this article in which I speak about 10 steps to ace that damn science test!

Step 1: Interest

Science is all about curiosity. Science tries to explain the working of this universe. Curiosity and interest towards how stuff works has been the basis of most of the scientific discoveries. So the first thing you need to have before you start on the journey in that subject is to have keen interest in that subject. This gets us to the next step i.e motivation

Step 2: Motivation

It is not just enough to be interested and do nothing about it! You have to stay motivated to study and understand the subject. This source of motivation differs from person to person. For example these are the common sources of motivation
• Understand and know about scientific knowledge
• Get good marks in the test and ask mom for a treat
• Boast about your marks to your high school crush
• Just to enjoy the recognition you get in school upon scoring those A grades
• To get into a good university to pursue higher studies
whatever the source of motivation is, it’s important to find the one that suits you and keep on going…

Step 3: Get the required materials

You need good quality and sufficient materials to build something. Similarly you have to gather all the stuff you need to ace the test. These may be:
• Course material
• Text books
• Notebook or iPad to write notes
• Laboratory instruments like magnets, lenses, chromatography paper to do the most fun part of learning science- experiments.
Btw, concentrate on the experiment! Don’t lose your focus because of your beautiful/handsome lab partner. You can ask him/her out after the class

Step 4: Start studying……early!

This is universal tip! Start studying as early as possible! Make a Time Table and use your motivation (step 2) to stick to that and get the concepts into your head. How to study is whole different subject. You should have come up with some of the study techniques that best work for you out of your experience. I will share with you some of the techniques that have worked for me in the upcoming blog posts and will post the link here. There is also a new concept called retrospective time table. I will write a post on that too or you can google it for now. Retrospective time table is scientific and makes sense!

Step 5: Don’t miss the flow

Science is a conceptual subject. By this i mean that the topics in science are sequential and often go like a chain. Newtons laws of motion comes after kinematics and you cannot understand F=ma without learning acceleration!
Otherwise you would be wondering “what the hell are a,F?” So it is important that you go with flow learning and understanding all the concept as you go forward.

Step 6: Trouble remembering stuff?

Do you find it difficult to remember stuff? This shouldn’t be a major problem in learning science as it is mostly reasoning. But I agree that there are some areas in science that require you to remember facts but this is because the explanation behind is beyond your level or is unknown. Let me explain this to you with an example:
Leaves are generally green in colour. This may look like a fact to remember if you don’t know the concept behind which is they contain chlorophyll which imparts green colour
Again, chlorophyll imparts green colour seems to be a fact. But it is no more if you know the concept of light wavelengths and absorption maxima of chlorophyll.
You may not be able to go deep enough to find explanation for all the facts as it is “beyond the scope of your present level” Just try to find suitable methods like flash cards, notes, revision techniques to get those facts into your head!

Step 7: Test yourself

Take couple of mock tests to know how well your preparation is going on. This helps to know the level of understanding and make necessary changes to your study strategy!

Step 8: Revision is the key

Start revising important ‘tough to remember facts’. One very good way to revise concepts is to explain your friend. So what are you waiting for? Call your dosth (Hindi word for friend ) and teach him/her about kerbs cycle and redox reactions. If you have a friend who is hesitant try to sort it out! Still not ready..? Explain yourself. This is called as The Feynman technique.

Step 9: Food and sleep

Eat healthy food and have a sound sleep. This is not just for your science test but for your productive life.

Step 10: Get familiar with test

Get some info about the test pattern, centre, type of questions asked, duration, instructions and stuff. Last but not least Check for the date. Once I gave a test on science after studying social studies because I got the date wrong!
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