Dear Sir / Madam,

Welcome to One Week Online workshop on “Interactive e-Content”.

The programme schedule of the workshop is enclosed for your reference.
Requirements to attend the Online Workshop:
1.  Laptop / Desktop / Smartphone with good internet connectivity.
2.  Webcam & Headset for Desktop users.
3. Pre-installed Google Meet / Hang-our app for smartphone users.
The daily session link would be sent through Mail and Whatsapp well in advance.
Participants should use this link to join the meeting.
Note: While joining the meeting, do not click “Present” Option.
Queries if any, may be sent to Mail or Whatsapp group.
With Regards

Course Co-ordinator


Dear Participants,

We will be conducting a Google Meet / Hangout testing  session on 03/05/2020 ( Sunday) from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.
The purpose of the test session is to make you feel comfortable on :
1. Join Google Meet 
2. Ensure your audio and video quality.
3. Interact with the presenter.
Link for test session:
All participants can join with your registered Gmail account in the test session by clicking the above link.
With regards

Course co-ordinator

ear Sir / Madam,

Greetings !!!
Please click the link given below to join the sessions conducted through Google Meet on “Copyright free image / music”  and ” Introduction to interactive e-content”.
Link to join sessions:
Date : 04 May 2020
Time : 10.00 am to 11.30 am – Session 1
            11.45 am to 01.00 pm – Session 2
Kindly make yourself join the meeting 10 minutes prior to the session. 
All the participants are requested to mute their audio compulsorily while joining the session.  
The participants can clarify their doubts at the end of the session only through a chat window or Whatsapp or email.
Note : To reduce the usage of Internet bandwidth while attending the session, the participants can also mute their video, if required.
With regards
Course co-ordinator

04.05.2020 – SESSIONS

Dear Sir / Madam,

No need to wait for SMS.
You can join with the link provided below
Course co-ordinator

Day 1

IEC 2020 Session -I 04.05.2020

IEC 2020 Session-II 04.05.2020

Assignment – 1
Dear participants, You are requested to submit the assignment on or before 06.05.2020

Blue lotus from  Pixibay

Air plane sound from Free SFX

Animals matching done Using Memory Cards tool in h5p.Org

Day 2

05.05.2020 Session-1

05.05.2020 Session-2

Assignment – 2: Creation of Poster & Certificate and Interactive e-content-1

Day 3

06.05.2020 Session-I Stop motion animation

06.05.2020 – Session-2 e-content creation


Day 4

Greetings from Women’s Polytechnic College, Puducherry !!

We are glad to inform you that your e-certificate is generated for a one week online workshop on ” “Interactive e-content” held from 04.05.2020 to 08.05.2020.

Thank you for your active participation.

Note: The e-certificate generation is done on the basis of the details provided by you while registering in the online workshop.

With Regards
Course Co-ordinator

e-Certificate – Online Workshop on ” Interactive e-content”

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