Different disciplines of Biology

1. Agrostology- Study of grasses

2.Apiculture-Study of bee keeping
3.Conchology-Study of Shells
4.Cryptobiology-Study of life at low temperature
5.Dendrology- Study of trees
6.Entomology- Study of insects
7.Ethnology- Study of human race
8.Eugenics- Improvement of human race through laws of heredity
9.Euphenics(Medical engineering)-Study of correcting genetic disorders after birth
10.Euthenics- Improvement of human race through better environment
11.Exobiology-Study of possible life on other planets
12.Silviculture-Study of forests and it’s products
13.Geneology- Study of development of an individual or race
14.Gerontology- Study of ageing
15. Herpatology- Study of amphibians and reptiles
16.Hyonology- Study of sleep
17.Ichthyology- Study of fishes
18.Malcology- Study of molluscs
19Ornithology- Study of birds
20.Therology- Study of mammals
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