Basic of biology

1. Biology is the science of life forms and living processes
2.Aristotle is the father of science, biology and Zoology
3. Theophrastus is the father of botany
4. Bauhin is called as father of modern biology
5.The term biology was introduced by Lamarck and Traviranus in 1802
6. There are 1.7 to 1.8 million known species of plant, animals and organisms
7.ICBN is the international code for botanical nomenclature and ICZN is for international code of zoological nomenclature
8.Binomial nomenclature has 2 names
a) Generic name
b) Specific name
The name of author appears after the specific epithet and is written in abbreviated form e.g. Mangifera indica Linn.
9.Binomial nomenclature system was given by Carolus Linnaeus (Sweden)
10.Binomial nomenclature is effective from 01-05-1753
11.Ernst Mayr (1904-2004) is known as ‘ The Darwin of 20th century. He was awarded triple crown of biology
a) Balzan Prize 1983
b) International prize for biology 1994
c) Crafoord Prize 1999.
12.The science dealing with characterization, identification, classification and nomenclature of living organism is known as Taxonomy.
13. The science of knowing more about different kinds of organisms and their diversity along with the relationship between them is called as Systematics. Linnaeus used Systema Naturae as the title of his publications.
14.Systematics takes into account evolutionary relationships between organisms.
15. A unit of classification is known as Taxon  or Rank
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